THE TREE OF HEARTS | A 300-year-old oak tree plays matchmaker to two lonely bookworms... but why would a tree even  care?

THREE FULL MOONS | Bennet's annoyed when he's forced into spending Summer with his boring grandparents, but then he discovers something monstrous in their house.

Two short stories with award winning narrators, out now from audible Original!
Every Body Shines Anthology: 
  • Readers can expect diverse takes on the experience of living as a fat person in modern times [ . . . ], to find characters of different gender identities, sexual orientations, cultural heritages, and race. No longer relegated to comedic relief or token sidekick, these fat teens, who are given multidimensional personalities, face troubles beyond others’ views of their size and are given room to cultivate their own identities. A broad selection of genres makes this appealing to an expansive swath of socially conscious readers.” - Booklist, starred review 
  • “Presenting both joys and frustrations, this unapologetically honest collection features characters finding their voices alongside characters who fully embrace their bodies, challenge stereotypes, and refuse to let anything hold them back, effectively dispelling any notion of fatness as a singular perspective.” Publishers Weekly
  • “Authors unite around body-celebrating fiction. Aubrey Gordon writes movingly about fat friendships and community in the introduction to this 16-story anthology, and readers might describe its stories as an assortment of fat friends holding out hands of welcome. Undeniably earnest and filling an important niche.” Kirkus Reviews
  • “Here . . . everybody is given the space to glow . . . . A mindful, meaningful compilation of stories featuring characters who prove that being fat is not a deterrent to happiness, nor is it the main event of anyone's life.” Shelf Awareness

A Greek God that's made a terrible mistake,

Girls with the power to kiss the boys & make them cry,

and a war between worlds doomed to spark...

   Arrowheart and Heartstruck are in stores now!

The Love Curse series: 
a first of kind anthology by Gallery Books
  • translated into 8 languages